Many kitchen staff members earn a reasonable wage that helps them and their households to live comfortably. Even so, professionals who prepare or cook food in commercial kitchens risk suffering career-threatening injuries while working. Notably, if you work in a restaurant and are injured, you may have a right to workers' comp benefits. Still, as this discussion explains, it is advisable to consult a personal injury lawyer to review the facts of your case and help you pursue your rightful payment.

Possible Injuries Among Kitchen Staff

Many commercial kitchen workers use various cutting equipment and hazardous appliances when executing their duties. This exposes them to the risk of suffering deep cuts while working. Moreover, some might suffer puncture wounds and serious bruises due to glasses and dishes breaking during washing. They may also suffer burns from stoves, fryers, boiling water, etc. Injuries caused by falling items are also possible among restaurant workers. For example, they may occur while trying to access canned goods or other commodities stacked too high.

Kitchen workers who stretch regularly to reach for items in hard-to-reach spaces can also suffer sprains and strain. In addition, some suffer twisted ankles, broken bones, and other harm due to slipping and falling on floors with liquid or other debris. Significantly, some of these injuries require expensive medical procedures and long recovery periods. This can make you suffer significant financial losses in medical expenses and lost income. Nonetheless, if you're facing these issues, your lawyer can help you seek compensation covering your losses.

How to Get Payments for Your Injuries

You may have a right to seek payments that cover your medical expenses and lost wages if you suffer injuries while working in a restaurant. However, this is only possible if you follow all the filing requirements. By failing to do this, your employer and insurance might deny your claim or offer you a lower payment than you need. This underlines the importance of consulting a lawyer before applying for compensation after suffering injuries while working in a commercial kitchen. Your lawyer will guide you and help you navigate the legal process to enable you to get all the payments you're entitled to.

Contact a personal injury attorney immediately if you are involved in an accident and suffer injuries while working in a commercial kitchen. The legal practitioner will help you gather the necessary evidence and prepare your claim. Additionally, they will handle settlement negotiations with the insurance representatives so that you can get the settlement you need.