Road construction companies handle major roadwork at different times of the year. They also undertake construction projects on dilapidated roads around the country when necessary. These projects usually increase the risk of collisions for motorists driving through work zones. Notably, road users who suffer injuries in collisions around construction sites may be entitled to compensation. This is especially true when offenders make the mistakes discussed below: 

What Causes These Catastrophic Accidents?

Many construction site collisions occur because some drivers are not careful while driving near these zones. For instance, they may disregard road signs advising them to change lanes or reduce speed when approaching hazardous areas. Motorists might also fail to obey road crew flaggers or try to overtake other vehicles. They take these actions because of impatience or frustration after sitting in traffic for a long time. Moreover, some motorists engage in unlawful behaviors that get their eyes and mind off the road, i.e., using their phones.

Motorists who engage in these behaviors can cause devastating crashes that leave drivers and passengers nursing severe injuries. Some drivers may also injure construction employees, making them suffer serious bodily harm. Often, victims of these accidents spend a lot of money on treatment. They also stay away from work for weeks or months as they undergo treatment, which makes it challenging to support themselves and their families. If you're in such a situation, you may consider suing the parties at fault to enable you to get financial help. A car accident lawyer can provide the assistance you need to facilitate a more streamlined process and work toward a favorable payment.

How Do You Protect Your Rights After a Crash?

The first step in protecting your rights should be seeking treatment immediately and contacting an attorney. The legal practitioner will first ensure that you have received the medical attention you need and then advise you to gather useful information about the crash. They will also likely come to the crash scene to gather evidence, particularly if you can't do it because of your injuries. This will enable them to build a strong case before negotiating compensation with the offender's insurer. In addition, your attorney uses the information they gather to file claims against the agency responsible for the road repairs. Doing so enables you to get a considerable payment so that you don't pay for accident-related expenses from your pocket.

You may be entitled to get payments if you've suffered bodily harm in a collision near a construction site. Thus, you need to hire a car accident attorney to start building a claim immediately. They will handle all necessary processes to help you to get your rightful payment.

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