When you are involved in a wreck with an over-the-road hauler, you may find yourself inundated quickly with communications from that driver's insurance company and employer. Both may be eager to keep the case out of court and instead want to settle with you to avoid a lawsuit.

It can be tempting to take an offer that the insurer and employer offer you upfront. However, you can often get a better settlement by hiring a commercial vehicle accident attorney to represent you.

Negotiating for Medical Expenses

Your commercial vehicle accident attorney will negotiate a settlement that will cover any medical expenses that you incur from the wreck. You may find yourself needing treatment for extensive injuries like a broken leg or displaced back. You also may need to undergo physical therapy to recover from significant pain and loss of mobility.

Instead of paying for these expenses yourself, you can have your commercial vehicle accident attorney pursue a settlement that will cover these costs for you. The insurer or employer of the driver can pay the damages directly to you. They can also make payments to the medical providers to spare you from being billed.

Negotiating Lost Income Coverage

You also may need to be compensated for income that you have lost because of the accident. The wreck may have left you unable to go back to work and earn an income. You may face absolute destitution because of not being able to earn an income and pay your bills.

The commercial vehicle accident attorney that you retain can negotiate a settlement that will make up for your lost wages or salary. It can give you enough money to live on until you recover. It may even pay you for your inability to earn an income if you cannot go back to work at all.

Finally, your commercial vehicle accident attorney can work out a settlement that compensates you for punitive damages. You may suffer emotionally and mentally, as well as physically, from the wreck. You may have nightmares or PTSD from being in a wreck with a large truck. The settlement can pay you for your punitive suffering.

A commercial vehicle accident attorney can help you negotiate a settlement for your wreck-related damages. You can get compensation for the medical bills that you incur from your injuries. You can also get compensation for lost wages and for any punitive damages you suffer.