If you have been involved in a drunk driving accident, then you will most likely benefit from an attorney regardless of whether your case goes to a criminal court, becomes a civil dispute, or you settle out of court.

Criminal Court

A DUI accident attorney is 100% necessary when it comes to the criminal court of law, as those who are the defendant in the case at hand are not only risking their money but also time spent on parole or in prison. An attorney can help you navigate the legal system and challenge the DUI charge you received at the time of arrest, as well as reduce the impact of any sentence that you may receive if you are sentenced. Additionally, lawyers have a better idea as to what can help your case than the average person, including information about the arrest itself, the other driver, and any other information you and the case evidence can provide.

Civil Court

If your drunk driving accident case does not go forward in the criminal court of law, but rather in a civil case involving insurance and/or a lawsuit, then an attorney can help here as well. Many of the same benefits of an attorney during a criminal case apply here as well, but rather than handling procedures around unlawful or abusive arrests, misleading evidence, or even malfunctioning breath alcohol testers, they will instead negotiate with the other party (and/or their insurance) around the payment of damages. Additionally, an attorney that handles drunk driving accidents can be beneficial for both defendants and plaintiffs, and you will most likely find that the other party also has an attorney on-hand.

Settle Out Of Court

Finally, many drunk driving cases will settle out of court, especially if the defendant received a legal punishment within the criminal court of law. Here too, a DUI attorney can benefit both the plaintiff and defendant. They can negotiate for a higher settlement for their client who was the victim of a drunk driving accident, whether in terms of property or personal damages, and they can defend a client that is considered at-fault. Settling out of court without an attorney can be tricky, as these sort of procedures involve a lot of steps and time that you may not be able to perform alone.

Drunk driving accidents occur all the time within the United States, and a drunk driving accident attorney can help both the driver and their victims. They can defend you in criminal court, represent private interests in civil court, and even negotiate settlement terms if needed. If you have been involved in a DUI, find a drunk driving accident attorney in your area today.