Workers by the hundreds are exposed to deadly substances every day. In some cases, they worked around toxic substances for years before they realized the impact on their health. To help you understand how the deadly substance asbestos is used and what impacted workers can do about it, read on.

Asbestos Has Been Very Widely Used

This toxic substance provides manufacturers with a valuable means of producing everything from brake liners to building materials. As far as product makers go, it's a wonder substance that provides insulation and protection against heat, moisture, cold, sound, chemicals, electricity, and more.

Asbestos Creates Lung Problems

Among those exposed, sufferers can expect to have several forms of lung problems due to the tiny inhaled fibers that asbestos gives off. These tiny fibers become lodged in the lung tissue and the body tries to protect itself by encasing them in scar tissue. Unfortunately, that scar tissue reduces lung capacity and prevents victims from taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide — both vital functions of a working set of lungs.

Asbestos and Workers' Compensation

The usual way hurt workers get paid benefits is by using their employer's workers' compensation insurance. Unfortunately, workers' compensation is ill-equipped to handle claims like asbestos injuries. Most workers affected with asbestos-related diseases are unable to return to work and suffer from debilitating and permanent disabilities. As a hurt worker affected by asbestos, speaking to a personal injury attorney is bound to provide you with quick relief and better benefits than taking the workers' comp route.

The Statute Of Limitations Is Extended

With a slow-acting poison like asbestos, the usual statute of limitations rules that govern personal injury claims is suspended. Once you have been officially diagnosed with a disease associated with asbestos exposure, the statute clock begins ticking. Don't wait to contact a lawyer and take action once you see a doctor about your symptoms, even if your exposure occurred many years ago.

You May Still Be In Danger

Many people have heard about the dangers and assumed that asbestos is only a threat to those who deal in old buildings or existing products. Unfortunately, asbestos has not been banned in the United States and workers continue to be exposed and endangered by asbestos all the time.

You May Be Entitled To Part of a Class Action Lawsuit

A few billion dollars have been set aside for victims of asbestos injuries. To claim your share, speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as you know you have one of the associated diseases. It's a quick and easy way to be compensated for this terrible injury. Talk to a personal injury lawyer like one at Schonberg Law Offices with offices in Monroe/Woodbury, Newburgh & Poughkeepsie.