Being unexpectedly attacked and bitten by a dog can be very traumatic. Often, the experience leaves physical and emotional scars. In the aftermath of a dog bite, a person usually requires medical attention, may miss time from work or school while recovering, and often needs counseling to help them cope with the situation.

Since being attacked by a dog can have so many negative consequences, victims are usually entitled to a settlement. If you are seeking monetary damages after being bitten by a dog, the best thing that you can do is hire an experienced dog bite lawyer. Here are some of the top reasons you need a dog bite lawyer.

1. Understand of the Law

There are many different laws on the books that pertain to dog bites, and these laws can vary from state to state. Since a dog can't be held personally liable for biting someone, dog bite laws outline when an owner is liable for the actions of his or her pet. For example, many states have laws that state that the owner is responsible if they take a dog out without a leash and the dog bites someone. Likewise, some laws say that an owner can be found negligent if proper care is not taken to keep a dog inside a house or in an enclosed yard. A dog bite lawyer will understand the laws in your state and will use the information to prove that a dog owner is liable for your injuries and expenses.

2. Build a Case

To maximize a monetary settlement, you need to have a strong case. Most people have no idea what information is needed to process a dog bite claim, which is why hiring a lawyer is so important. A dog bite lawyer will provide details of the events leading up to the attack, outline why the dog owner is responsible according to state and local laws, and will also submit medical records that show the extent of your injuries.

3. Negotiate with the Insurance Company

In the majority of cases, dog bite claims are submitted to a dog owner's homeowners or renters insurance company. Insurance companies are not easy to deal with, and their goal is usually to attempt to settle for the least amount of money possible. One of the best things about hiring a dog bite lawyer is the fact that he or she will handle all communications with the insurance company while fighting on your behalf to ensure that you get a fair settlement. 

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