Some people exaggerate their damages when pursuing auto accident claims. Unfortunately, exaggerating a claim might cause more damage than benefit to the claim process.

Exaggerations Tactics

Extended Sick Leave

Lost income is an integral part of the accident damages. The value of lost income is usually proportional to the duration of sick leave. That is why some people take unnecessarily long to get back to work after their accident.

Pain Exaggeration

Pain and suffering also form part of auto accident damages. Pain is relatively easy to exaggerate because only the accident victim has an accurate gauge of their pain. Pain also varies by person. Three people might have the same injury, such as a back injury, but all of them will likely feel different levels of pain.

Unnecessary Treatments

Unnecessary or lengthy treatments can lead to inflated damages in various ways. For example, a lengthy treatment time usually signifies more pain and suffering. Also, the more treatment you receive and the longer you receive them the higher your medical bills will be. The net result is exaggerated medical treatment damages.

Expensive Property Damage Estimate

Lastly, some people also inflate the extent of their property damages. This can be done in various ways. For example, some people consult the most expensive auto mechanics for their car repairs even if moderately priced mechanics would have done similar work. Others just claim more extensive damages than their cars actually suffered. A motorist might insist, for example, that their relatively intact transmission system be replaced instead of getting fixed.

Why You Should Not Do It


It is illegal to intentionally inflate your auto accident damages. In fact, the law requires you to mitigate your damages so that the responsible party only compensates you for the actual losses.


Exaggerated claims can also delay the settlement agreement. For example, the auto insurance company might require more time to investigate your claims. Say the insurance company learns that your back pain is not as severe as you have been claiming. The insurance company might require more time to investigate your other claims. This only serves to prolong your settlement date.

Reduced Settlement

Exaggerations can also hurt your credibility during the trial. For example, if the judge or jury discovers that you are lying, they might be suspicious about the rest of your claims. Credible injury victims tend to get higher compensation than those whose credibility is doubtful. 

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