When an illness or injury creates problems with your job, you may need to resign and apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). While you don't necessarily have to have a Social Security lawyer help you get benefits, it can help you sort out the confusing application and appeal process. Read on to find out how Social Security attorneys can provide you with the support you need and get you approved for the benefits you need and deserve.

A Load Off Your Shoulders

Coping with health issues and the financial constraints that come along with being unable to work are bad enough. You don't need to deal with the confusing world of the Social Security Administration (SSA) on your own. Once you meet with a Social Security lawyer and have your case evaluated, you will likely feel a big sense of relief. Now you can focus on your health instead of trying to get approved for benefits.

The SSDI Application

The application for benefits is lengthy and mistakes made on this form can cost you quite a bit in time and money. An experienced Social Security lawyer can assist in filling out the application and ensure that it's complete and accurate. They will know exactly what the SSA needs to see on the form and help you provide that information.

Dealing With SSA Requests

Applying for benefits is only the beginning. In many cases, the SSA requests additional information and there are tight timelines that have to be met when responding. A Social Security lawyer can take on the burden of complying with requests for information in a timely manner and keep your application moving forward during the process. Also, they know who to contact when the application seems to be delayed. Applications can be lost but many applicants don't know about it until weeks have passed.

Complicated Medical Information

You will have to show proof of your medical condition and that means dealing with providers and requesting medical records. Once you sign a release, your attorney will deal with compiling a set of medical records complete with the diagnostic test results and doctor's statements you will need to be approved for benefits.

Work for You At Your Appeal

Sadly, nearly all SSDI applications are denied. That is why appeal hearings are so important. Your attorney will focus on proving your medical condition and working through the reasons why you are unable to work at your job. This often results in approval after an appeal for applicants. Speak to a Social Security lawyer to find out more.